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Careprost lashes this movement disorder is misinterpreted as aggression fats it goes undiagnosed.

You know your sch int body best. Look sch int the mirror. Do you notice any unusual movement of your mouth, tongue, eyebrows, eyelids, arms, legs, sch int fingers. If you notice these movements, check whether you can control them or if they happen involuntarily. Make a note of how often these movements happen and when you first noticed them. Then talk with your psychiatrist about your observations.

If you are not satisfied with the answer you get, seek a second opinion. Studies have found that tardive dyskinesia is unrecognized and under-diagnosed by doctors so a second opinion is usually a good idea.

Thus you may have TD and not know it because the abnormal movements are suppressed by the medications you are taking. Discuss this possibility with your doctor. Is there a cure sch int tardive sch int and tardive sch int. At this time there is no established sch int cure.

The good sch int is that sometimes tardive dyskinesia sch int dystonia appear and then gradually disappear all on their own. Sometimes the movement disorders go sch int when you stop taking the medications that cause them.

Sch int sure to discuss all options with your doctor. Although there are no sch int cures, there are treatments which have brought relief to some people.

Some of the treatment options include the following:As I gathered information for this article, people with tardive dyskinesia sch int tardive dystonia said they felt it was wise sch int seek specialized sch int treatment for these movement disorders.

They found that psychiatrists were not always the best doctors to turn to for treatment of TD. They recommended going to movement disorder clinics where the expertise of neurologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists is available. Most of these centers accept Medicaid.

Information about how to find a movement disorders clinic near you is given below. If you have tardive dyskinesia or tardive dystonia, the most important thing you can do sch int to learn more about your movement disorder. It is vital for you to know as much as possible in order to become a full partner in planning sch int your treatment, support, and wellness needs.

You sch int also experience the desire to talk to other people who have the experience of living with TD.

It has groups all medicines the United States and around the world. Information on We Move support groups can be found saw palmetto extract the Internet at www. In closing, I would like to note that as I gathered information for this article I sch int struck by how much organized support is available to people with movement disorders that are inherited or that are caused by infection, structural damage, etc.

Comparatively little information and support is available to people with TD caused by psychiatric medications. The rate at which people around the world are developing tardive dyskinesia and tardive dystonia is reaching epidemic proportions.



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