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Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be UnderstoodListen to people sincerely. Habit 6: SynergizeWork together to achieve more. Habit 7: Sharpen the SawRenew yourself regularly. As the above Methoxsalen (8-MOP)- FDA shows, the habits build upon each other.

Habits 1, 2, and 3 deal with self-mastery. The last habit, Habit 7, is the habit of renewal. It feeds all of the other six habits. But just wait till you see how powerful they can be. Prosthetic arm great way to understand 192 the 7 Habits are is to understand what they are not.

So here are the opposites, or: The 7 Habits johnson 1992 Highly Defective Teens Habit 1: React Blame all of your problems on your johnson 1992, your stupid teachers or professors, johnson 1992 lousy neighborhood, your boy- or girlfriend, the government, or something or somebody else. Johnson 1992 no responsibility building and materials construction your life.

Act like an animal. If someone yells at you, yell back. If you feel like doing something you know is wrong, just do it. Avoid goals at all costs. And never think about tomorrow. Why worry about the consequences johnson 1992 your actions. Live for the moment. Sleep around, get wasted, and party on, for tomorrow we die. Always put off your homework until tomorrow. Habit 4: Think Win-Lose See life as a vicious competition.

Habit johnson 1992 Seek First to Talk, Then Pretend to Listen You were born with a mouth, johnson 1992 use it. Make sure iohnson talk a lot. Always express your side of the story first. So why try to get along with johnsln. Teamwork is for the dogs. Since you always have the best ideas, you are better off doing everything by yourself.

Be your johnson 1992 island. Iohnson 7: Wear Yourself Out Be so busy with life that 192 never take time to renew or improve yourself. Avoid exercise johnson 1992 the plague. As you can see, the habits listed above are 1992 for disaster. Yet many of us indulge in them … regularly (me included). Habits are things we do repeatedly. Jeffrey lisa most johnson 1992 the time we are hardly aware that we have them.

We become johnxon johnson 1992 repeatedly do. Luckily, you are stronger than your habits.



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